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      "The doctor said he must have a little, now and then," she answered.

      "You want a little bit of change and gaiety," said the faithful stewardess. "You have been looking pale and worried ever since you had that bad news from Broomer," this was Tabitha's nearest approach to Burmah, "and you'll be all the better for an evening's pleasure. It isn't as if you had to buy a dress, or even a pair of gloves. You've only worn your wedding-dress at three parties since you came home from your honeymoon, and it's as fresh as if you'd been married yesterday. You've got everything, and everything of the best. Why shouldn't you go?"

      "I think you ought to know what kind of woman I am by this time," retorted his wife, tossing up her head.

      "I have no doubt she is very clever and very nice; but, as I could not have you, I preferred being alone," answered Isola.

      CHAPTER I.



      So, after Mr. Bergan had politely assented to his observations upon the dulness of Berganton, and somewhat pointedly remarked that perseverance and energy, when conjoined with upright habits, were pretty sure to command a reasonable measure of success anywhere, the conversation turned aside into other channels. The opportunity for a frank explanationwhich could alone have placed him upon his proper footing with his new-found relativeswas lost. It would not return until it was too late to be of any considerable service.


      "Upon my soul, I wish I knew!" responded Hubert. "Thisgentleman"there was a deeply sarcastic emphasis on the word"did me the honor to point a pistol at me. I knocked it up, and him down; that is all I know about the matter."He waited for a moment, expecting an answer. Seeing that none came, he bowed, and left her sitting there, gazing out into the silent night.